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Eris Eady is a Black,
Non-Binary, Bisexual,
writer & artist operating under the auspice of
Black Womanhood and the glory it brings.


the come out coach

I believe that showing up AS yourself FOR yourself is the first step towards realizing any personal or professional goal.

There is no handbook for identity. Every person’s journey differs and some folks need support, resources, and crave community. I’m here to be a sounding board, a guide and a challenge.

Coming out as, LGBTQ, an entrepreneur, an inclusive organization, a young professional, a survivor, and even a Steelers Fan, takes time, understanding & patience.

We never stop coming out.

Executive Coaching  Writing 
Positive Organizational Development 

 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  

Multi-media Art  Event Production

Appreciative Inquiry   Project Management

Safe Zone Certified

All of us need 
support through
the shift

As an advocate, executive coach and organizational development practitioner with 20+ years of nonprofit experience; Eris is equipping businesses, orgs, teams, families & individuals with the tools needed to foster identity and cultivate equitably inclusive practices.


Content &

I do the most. Follow along.

For coaching tips, and inspiration follow:

Cook with me @ErisTaughtMe

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