January 19, 2017

Tomorrow, we will wake up in a very different America. At thirty two years old, I want to focus on myself, my needs, my wants, goals and dreams. But all I keep thinking about is the children in my life. How will the next four years shape them? Who will they become under this administration? Children who grew up after the September 11th attacks had a different understanding of America, just as I’m certain that children who witnessed America post Pearl Harbor did. How will this inform them?

Even the most conservative of children still witnessed a Black Man as president, and more importantly a Black Woman as First Lady. I believe I will miss Michelle the most. First Lady Obama was everyone’s cool ass auntie. I highly doubt I’ll be able to truly articulate how impactful she was on my life.

In the fall of 2008 I was twenty-four years old, a junior in college, ready to take the world by storm. I remember walking across my quaint campus to vote. I remember feeling so proud. I stood in the freez...

January 17, 2017

On this last Martin Luther King Jr. Day of the Obama Administration, I am sitting with the overwhelming need to address white people directly. The white people who have found the word “ally” in their lexicon, the people who are earnestly ready to act, but are unsure how to move forward. To the white folk who are for the first time feeling the singe of despair that most folk who sit at the intersections have been feeling since we first arrived in this country. I’ve created a list of several things you can do today and everyday to really make this county the beloved community we strive for it to be.

You ready? Here we go.

1. Stop asking people of color how to respond to injustices that were not created by or systematically upheld by people of color. Talk. To. White. People.

Believe it or not… we’re not the problem here. And I refuse to use all my precious high school typing class skills explaining why Black-on-Black crime, mythical boot straps, All Lives Matter, and Misogynoir is a thing. D...

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