February 23, 2017

Hi! If you've stumbled upon this blog, you've walked into my workshop with the Juvenile Detention Center!!! Today we're working on Character Profiles. 

Here is our example poem from Queen GodIs:


- What stood out for you?

- How does QGI Feel about Claire?

- What emotions came up?

- What character from a book or movie inspires you?

Writing Prompt:

Write a character profile of your own. 

Step 1 | Brainstorm:

Step 2 | Write about your character: 

Things to include:

- What this character means to you

- Why you connect with them

- The things you may have in common

- How this character impacts the arts/the world

This can be written in either essay or poetry form. 

Step 3 | Share Out

Let's hear it!!!!

Eris Eady is a freelance writer, and intersectional advocate from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a grad student at Case Western Reserve University. 

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February 14, 2017

The climate of today's world would lead you to believe that love should not be a priority. I've felt pressure as a queer black woman to let my activism and advocacy take priority over love, intimacy, and joy. In doing that, I've done myself a huge disservice. I've found that for Black Love to flourish in my life, I need back up.  There have been songs, and poems, stories, and quotes that have allowed me to learn to love in brand new ways.

1. Zora Neale Hurston | This quote taught me to allow love to be flexible. When we let love take the shape of it's container, you will see that it shifts in shape and stance as you experience it. It expands and contracts and with each iteration we must be open to the way it manifests in our lives.

2. James Baldwin | For love to be fully present, you have to trust the vulnerability of your truth. You cannot love if you are unwilling to show the portions of yourself you most loathe and unsure of. This transparecy will save you.

3. bell hooks | So much can...

February 8, 2017

Joy is hard when there is so much sorrow and trepidation surrounding our lives. Though we've been in survival mode since we landed here in this country, the current state of affairs has heightened the nonnegotiable need to take better care of ourselves. Attending to our joy should not, and frankly cannot be an elective action. We all know that we are better & braver when our joy takes priority.

Here are 30 ways to make it through... 

  1. Deep Breaths 

  2. Titty Grabs (Either your own, or with proper consent.) --You can't really be mad with a boob in your hand. 

  3. Twerk Sumthing. "Cash Money taking over for the 99 & 2000"

  4. Take off your bra and/or draws

  5. Talk to almost any black grandparent. If you don't have one borrow one. 

  6. Do some community service 

  7. Masturbate because... self love 

  8. Watch EWF's "Boogie Wonderland" video

  9. Take a toddler to the park

  10. Create a new album of memes

  11. Plan your dream vacation on Pinterest

  12. Watch the last 3 minutes...

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