Week Two | Character Profiles

Hi! If you've stumbled upon this blog, you've walked into my workshop with the Juvenile Detention Center!!! Today we're working on Character Profiles.

Here is our example poem from Queen GodIs:


- What stood out for you?

- How does QGI Feel about Claire?

- What emotions came up?

- What character from a book or movie inspires you?

Writing Prompt:

Write a character profile of your own.

Step 1 | Brainstorm:

Step 2 | Write about your character:

Things to include:

- What this character means to you

- Why you connect with them

- The things you may have in common

- How this character impacts the arts/the world

This can be written in either essay or poetry form.

Step 3 | Share Out

Let's hear it!!!!

Eris Eady is a freelance writer, and intersectional advocate from Cleveland, Ohio. She is a grad student at Case Western Reserve University.

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