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Friday March 15, 2024

7-8p | Performance & Artist Talk Back

(Featuring Special Guests)


LARCHMERE Arts | 12726 Larchmere Blvd Cleveland Ohio 44120 


After surviving Covid-19 three times, Eris was left persistently disabled, enduring episodes that spike her heart rate and cause painful surges throughout the extremities, migraines, fatigue, breathing trouble, and an often debilitating sensitivity to light and sound. Eris lives life with neurological tremors that feel the way television static looks and sounds. These somatic reminders render medical professionals useless as there is no remedy, reason, or research of Long COVID.


Compounding this condition with heartbreak, PTSD, childhood sexual assault wounds, and the effects of watching the political tide shift to alienate their rights, everything feels impossibly weary for Eris. They exist in a body equally foreign and familiar, having to find new ways of being and new pathways of self-love and adoration. Throughout the pandemic, she had to trust that she was still an artist even when her hands couldn’t grip an ink pen.


The response to it all is How I Got Over. This immersive healing exhibit combines digital and mixed media, ekphrastic poetry, storytelling, and . . . mirrors.

How I got Over | Performance 3.15.24

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